Monday, May 9, 2011

Motorcycle Swap Meet Oley, PA

Rare as the proverbial hen's teeth, the Emblem motorcycle is a seldom seen sight these days. The AMCA meet at Oley, PA never fails to surprise attendees with the most unusual machines. This original paint Emblem is fully operational and is far more striking than a mega-dollar restoration. As they say, it's only original once....

Next stop, Ner a car. Carl Neracher created this bike with it many innovative features in 1921 and they were produced thru 1927 both for the US and overseas markets.

You can just barely make out the manufacturers name on the tank, but this Thor single cylinder was a running machine and demonstrates a preference for mechanical operation over cosmetic perfection that's a favortite theme of the AMCA events.

Indian motocycles, a dozen lined up for an impromtu timeline on late pre-war and early post war production.

A lovely little AJS 250cc tank shifter. Complete, running, well preserved and sold for about ten-thousand US dollars just before I arrived. Well bought.

Alfred Angus Scott hit on a winning formula of lightweight two-stroke designs that eventually led to the Squirrel, Super Squirrel and Flying Squirrel models. Production can to a halt in 1950 for the beloved Scott.

Harley-Davidson and Indian motorcycles are still the most dominant marques to be seen at any AMCA event and always will be.

Some folks have a real sense of humor for their project machines, and this one ticked all the right boxes for a custom with attitude.

An Indian for the optimist!

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