Thursday, September 12, 2013

Radnor Hunt Concours d'Elegance 2013

Dick Klamfoth, Winner of the Daytona 200 Race in 1949, 1951  and 1952 was the Special Guest this year at the 17th Annual Radnor Hunt Concours d'Elegance which featured Norton Motorcycles, Flat Track Racers and Art Deco inspired Motorcycles. Mr. Klamfoth is a true American icon of the Class C period of  AMA racing, having put his stamp on the legendary rough and tumble motorcycle race on the famed Daytona Beach three times. He won 12 AMA National races and many other events primarily on Nortons, but also threw a leg over BSA and Honda machines as well.

In addition to the fifty motorcycles, the show featured a top shelf collection of 100 Automobiles including Aston Marton, Porsche, Rally Cars and Art Deco period vehicles. Radnor Hunt is a unique venue in that it is also America's oldest Fox Hunt Club and where the annual RH Steeplechase races take place too. In addition  to the cars and bikes, antique carriages and sleighs were also shown. Here's some of the highlights of the weekend.


A long line on Manx Nortons  blended well with Porsches of the same period on the terrace. 

That's Dick Klamfoth's BSA Gold Star racer, recently retrieved from the family barn in which it lay hidden for nearly fifty years in 'as last raced' trim.

An Art Deco period French drop top with picture perfect picnic kit.

1938 Talbot Lago 150SS Teardrop coupe

Kenny Cummings brought  his NYC built Seeley G50, a superb blend of modern engineering skills  and classic components that just may be the ultimate weapons grade race tackle available these days for historic racing.

That's a 1928 Norton CS1 being judged in the Historic Preservation Class

Flat Trackers included this alloy head Harley-Davidson XR-750
and #87 an Aermacchi built Harley-Davidson CRTT

Dick Klamfoth and Dick Miles share a laugh on the stage during trophy presentation
Judges Michael Lawless and AMA Hall of Fame member Nobby Clark scrutinized the 1948 Manx and other classic racing Nortons. Having someone with first hand knowledge of how the machines were built is a tremendous asset when judging.

Carin Beam strikes a pose with the colorful Norton Manxman.

The man who first put Triumph motorcycles on the map in America with a win at the AMA 100 mile National at Laconia in 1953, AMA Hall of Fame member, Ed Fisher, rode his 1929 Indian both on and off the showfield.

 Tony Karas, owner of the JPN Norton takes a well deserved trophy and a handshake
from Special Guest Dick Klamfoth

Radnor Hunt motorcycle judge Michael 'Tex' Mawby checks out  #44, a 1963 Norton Manx model 30m, built on the last day of production. # 309 is another Norton Manx, the AHRMA 500 Premiere class eight-time championship machine of builder Maurice Candy and rider Tim Joyce, the fastest Manx in the USA.

Winner of the Art Deco class, the 1948 Indian Chief owned by David Markel

Horses, Hounds and Carriages, a way of life at Radnor Hunt Club



The ex-Stirling Moss 1958 Aston Martin DBR1, the sexiest car ever made in the U. K.?

RHC Executive Board Member and Motorcycle Chairman,
 John Lawless and wife Dawn Lawless with the
1923 Norton with sidecar of owner Mustfa Terhani.

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